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Business Owners – Master your Pricing and Watch Your Profits Soar 10%, 20%, 30% ... or even more

Without Scrambling for New Customers or Pressured to Sell More

Join us for our Exclusive Hands on Session: February 6, 2024. 11 AM EST / 4 PM UK / 8 PM GST

Sick and tired of being haggled or pressured to lower your prices?

Do you feel you are not getting paid enough for what you are delivering?

Are you confused about what you should be charging?

Do you feel trapped in a never-ending pricing war to the bottom with your competitors?

Do you have a lot of work, but too little money in the bank?

Is your business profitable but you still stressed about your personal budget?

We Understand Your Frustrations, And We Have The Solution You've Been Searching For

Our upcoming Small Business Advisory Session, "Pricing Mastery and Business Acceleration," is designed to shift pricing from a source of stress and anxiety to a path to profitability and growth.

We Help You Tackle The Following

  • Discount Quicksand Feeling stuck on how much your customers will pay and feeling pressured to give a discount? Instead, imagine confidently setting prices that capture the value you bring. Escape the discount swamp and enjoy true pricing freedom

  • Profit Erosion: Tired of working harder and earning less? Let's put more of those profits back where they belong — in your pocket, by showing you how to price for the impact you provide.

  • Competitive Pressure: Fed up with the price wars that leave you feeling like you're in a race to the bottom? We'll show you how pricing can break you away from the pack and make the competition irrelevant.

  • No More Second Guessing: Ever discount because you begin to doubt what you are doing? Let us empower you with the confidence to price your solutions at the impact your customer feels, transforming how you see your business and yourself.

  • Missed Opportunities: Think about what you might be missing out on right now. In just 60 minutes, you'll learn about applying Impact Based Pricing to grab those chances, boost your earnings, and make you think - "Why didn't I find this sooner?"

What You Will Gain

  • Boost Your Profits While Keeping Your Best Customers Close: Dive into the psychology of pricing to learn how raising your rates doesn't mean saying goodbye to your cherished clients.

  • Escape the Underpricing Trap: Unearth the secret to setting prices that mirror the true worth of what you offer, liberating you from the underpricing bind

  • Unlock Your Ideal Pricing Formula: Discover the pricing strategy that not only aligns with your business goals, but also propels your growth to new heights.

  • Master Impact Based Pricing (IBP): Venture beyond traditional value pricing with a strategy that ensures your pricing reflects the significant impact you provide and which customers want to pay to receive.

What's In It For You

  • No More Pricing Headaches: We'll show you the ropes, so you know exactly how to price your services.

  • Earn What You're Worth: Don't let your hard-earned cash slip through the cracks. With IBP, you'll see your revenue and profit go up.

  • Confidence in Your Pricing: No more second-guessing. You'll know you've got your pricing spot on.

  • Win and Keep the Right Clients: We'll help you strike the balance so you can keep your desired clients and bring in new ones like them.

Why You Should Attend This Session

  • Revolutionary Approach: We'll introduce you to IMPACT Based Pricing (IBP), a groundbreaking strategy that focuses on the life-changing differences you deliver to clients.

  • Hands-On Learning: Through interactive exercises, you'll gain practical experience implementing IBP, ensuring you can apply these principles immediately.

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from pricing master Susan Trivers, who developed IBP by helping countless businesses win over $72 billion in contracts over 20 years and achieve healthy profitability. See how George Sotiropoulos helps you leverage pricing within his Socratic Scaling System to grow faster and build a more valuable business to meet your lifetime goals.

  • Results-Driven: IBP and Socratic Scaling have led to increased revenue, profit, and growth for many businesses. Join us, and you could be the next success story.

A Personal Note from George Sotiropoulos

Do you feel like you are spending all your time working harder and earning less?

Do you long to own a growing and thriving business that isn’t burying you and keeping your bank balance too light?

How would you like to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle of owning a valuable and sellable business that works for you and allows you to focus on what’s important?

It’s possible when you transform your business from a job into a valuable asset that is irresistible to both your customers and investors.

And it starts with overcoming the roadblocks you are experiencing— with one of the biggest - leaving money on the table by not aligning your pricing with the impact and transformation you provide.

You have already come so far in successfully launching your business. Now fulfill the dream by making it a valuable, independent, and profitable business that works for you!

You got this… start by signing up to attend our Pricing Mastery and Business Accleration Mastermind today.

A Personal Note from Susan Trivers

Dear Small Business Owner,

You did it — You're turning your entrepreneurial dream into reality

But doubts may be creeping in:

  • Can I sustain long-term success?

  • How do I avoid just owning a demanding underpaying job?

  • Can I fund the lifestyle I desire?

  • Am I building something of value?

I’ve had these thoughts and fears across my 24 year consulting career.

The lowest point was in 2010 – tons of work, endless sacrifices, and NO MONEY.

Sound familiar?

Well I was making two fundamental and common mistakes:

  • I was Billing by the Hour and

  • Letting other people tell me what I could charge.

I had to change my life.

I began by promising to myself… “No more Hourly Billing. Period.. End of…”

It felt empowering to write that down until the phone rang one hour later.

My client wanting to speak about my fees!

Heart pounding…circling the room with my phone in my hand…

I was tested.. but I held firm on my new principle.

And it worked!

The client agreed to my principle and ultimately were thrilled with my work and the higher fees they paid.

I tailored my approach and built its foundation on the successes I delivered to my clients over the next few years.

Culminating with the launch of IMPACT Based Pricing (IBP) in 2019.

IBP is not just a methodology; it's a game-changer.

No more settling for the status quo.

No more trying harder, or doubling down on expired tactics and strategies.

IBP is all about delivering life changing transformations that make an IMPACT day after day.

And getting paid for it…

It’s common sense… practical to implement…. And can change your business and your life.

Come join me and George to learn how…

See you on the inside…

What other are Saying about George and Susan

George has provided insights, but the solutions are mine. It is refreshing to have an advisor who challenges me, respects and celebrates what I have achieved, and is eager to help me find solutions that fit my situation and work within my resources"

-Tolga Goksin – Tiron Graphics


Susan, I’m glad you pushed us to require payment in advance and to use an online payment processing company which makes payment so easy. In the past week we got three offers accepted and paid immediately. That has never happened before in more than 18 years!”

-Beth, DEI training


George and his Socratic Scaling System helped me recover from Covid's carnage and focus on the true value drivers of my business, resulting in immediate monthly revenue growth 15x greater than my historical average and a return to healthy profitability.

Luke Bingham, Owner Chill Salon

I couldn’t believe it when you said we should not give incentives for early payment. I thought everyone does that. Since I hired you for your expertise I decided to just do what you recommend. Amazing! Not one buyer is complaining and our cash flow has never been better.”

Scott - Business Consultancy Owner


"By making my business more sellable, George helped me position my business to successfully expand into Saudi Arabia, avoid pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities by leveraging insights and solutions that fit my situation and resources."

-Shelley Frost -Founder the Fridge, 2022 Industry Icon Award Winner


"Last year, I told you my goal was to increase revenue by 25%. Part of that would come from higher fees from existing clients. I taught my associates to use the Issue Chart and Continuum of IMPACT for new clients so we could start them at fees proportional to the IMPACTs we’d deliver. That has been so successful! It looks like the year will end with a 29% revenue increase.”

-Manuel, Bookkeeping Owner

“George 'over-delivered' and helped us shift from generic marketing services that commoditised us to a more premium and specialised strategic marketing consulting approach, increasing our profitability and scalability by a factor of six”

James Pardoe - Owner Grow, Inc.


"The Choice Framework is brilliant. The layout is clear and easy to follow. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time we have to write a proposal to a client or prospect. My associates can write their own offers, which means we get proposals written faster. And our acceptance rate for one of the offers is close to 90%"

-Heather - Compliance Owner


"Thank you very much for this awesome workshop. I really enjoyed it. You made me open my eyes on a few things. Thank you for that. .”

-Nehmat - Owner FlyRobin Agency


"We met George 5 times over 6 months for Socratic Scaling. After 12 months, we have grown Sales 5x, Profits 3x and getting plenty of attention from investors.

-David and Linda Lyndon- the Fruit Box


"6 weeks of Impact Based Pricing has changed my business and my life much more than my 20 years of struggle with Value Based Pricing.

-Chris- Entrepreneur

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