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Attention Overwhelmed Service Business Owners

Stop the Lonely Grind: Unlock Your Freedom and Profits with a Community Dedicated to Your Success

Join Forces with Like-Minded Peers: Gain Clarity, Confidence, and Tools to Thrive Together

Hello Fellow Business Owner

Many of us started a business to afford a certain lifestyle we wanted, but the unique challenges of running our own business and the current reality make a mockery of these dreams.

And there is a great deal of noise and confusion.

The Pitfalls of Trial and Error

So it's easy to resort to trial and error to navigate this journey. But then we end up wasting too much time, money, and energy on strategies that just don't work - leaving many of us frustrated with our hours in the office and the balance in our banking accounts.

The Company You Keep

Do you know the saying - "You are as good as the company you keep."?

Well this is true by a factor of 10 in business. Which is why going at it alone is a recipe for disaster.

But when you get out there and network, you often find yourself in high-pressure communities whose only one-way purpose is to sell to you - whether it makes sense or not.

Success through the Wisdom and Support of your Peers

Now this is not a new problem. The Titans of business in the late 19th and early 20th centuries understood this and so created "masterminds" where they could share ideas, collaborate and support each other without the sales pressure nonsense.

And you can do the same

By surrounding yourself with the right peers - fellow business owners committed to your success. Peers who will share their insights and help you with their challenges.

Introducing Sophiall Master Round Tables

“George, no one knows or understands the real value of what you bring until they go through something like this today. They can't miss out."

Bogdan Radu - Founder The Immigation Company

Building a Growth Community is why we created our Monthly Sophiall Master Round Table. On the surface it looks like any monthly subscription program, but it's true essence is that it's a community.

A community with one focus: Give you the clarity, tools and confidence to build the business that finally gives you the life you want.

Tried and True Methodology

The legendary business coach Dan Sullivan says all we want is Direction, Confidence and Capabilities.

That is how we set up our Master Round Table. It's sessions are designed to provide actionable insights from fellow business owners who have seen it all and have skin in the game. They don't have time for BS, they want you to succeed, and so their advice is practical and can be used right away.

Win from the Start - Or Your Money Back

Our Round Table meets up to four times a month with plenty of opportunities to collaborate, get feedback, and develop strategies that work. No more guessing, no more struggling alone — just a focus on growth and success.

We also guarantee that in the first 30 days, if you cannot identify or enjoy at least a 10X ROI on your investment, you can ask for a full money back refund, no questions asked.

Ready to transform your business - Guaranteed? Join us today.

What You Will Experience with our Monthly Master Round Table

Three Transformative Formats Designed to Turn your Business Around:

Best Practices

Gain insights into industry-leading practices and immediately applicable strategies that ensure continuous growth and sustainability.

  • Immediate Application: Learn practical tips to improve your business right away.

  • Guest Experts: Gain insights from guest experts who bring fresh perspectives and specialised knowledge.

  • Real ROI: Focus on strategies that provide tangible returns, eliminating guesswork.

  • Practical Tools: Receive resources to integrate into your business immediately.

  • Value-Driven Learning: Focus on substance over "shiny objects."

George led me through some best practices...that increased our growth and profits by 6x.

James Pardoe. Founder, Grow Inc.

Challenge to Success Spotlights

Bring your challenges into the spotlight and leave with strategic solutions that have been tested and proven in the real business world.

  • Focus on You: Take the spotlight and receive personalised help from a community for your toughest business challenges.

  • Collective Wisdom: Draw on the diverse experiences and proven strategies of your peers to tackle the obstacles you face.

  • Actionable Solutions: Depart each session with practical, tested solutions that you can implement immediately.

  • Accelerated Growth: Fast-track your business development by learning from others’ experiences and insights.

  • Clear Feedback: Benefit from a supportive community that values effective feedback to drive mutual success.

"I have taken part of several Challenge to Success sessions with George and what I can say is that it is worth every penny."

-Nehmat Seif Owner Fly Robin

Hands On Workshops

Engage in dynamic sessions where you apply what you've learned in real-time, ensuring you leave every meeting with something concrete to implement.

  • Unlock Growth Strategies that Work: Collaborate with other SME owners to develop effective, customised growth plans

  • Delegate to Accelerate: Learn and apply top delegation techniques instantly to boost productivity and free your time.

  • Overcome Common Business Roadblocks: Tackle common challenges with real-time, applicable solutions for instant business improvement.

  • Immediate Growth Application: Leave every workshop with specific, actionable strategies that promote rapid growth.

  • Solve Real Problems in Real Time: Confront pressing issues head-on, crafting solutions that you can implement right away.

George led me through a "scalability" exercise help me identify where I could best scale my business. And it worked immediately!

-Shelley Frost - Founder, The Fridge

Ready to Transform Your Business and Achieve the Life You Want?

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Benefits and Outcomes

  • Growing Clarity and Confidence: From day one, make smarter, more confident business decisions

  • Guaranteed Immediate Results: Experience tangible outcomes from your first session, or it’s free. No risk, all reward

  • Expert Guidance and Peer Support: Benefit from the wisdom of experienced leaders and peer support.

  • Actionable Practical Solutions. No more wasting your time or money on solutions that don't work. Instead, discover and implement tools to boost your profits right away—guaranteed effectiveness from the start

  • Power in Numbers: If "two minds are better than one"...imagine 5 or 10 behind you focusing on your business challenges, accelerating your growth and having your back

  • 360 Degree Opportunities: Transcend typical networking by creating valuable relationships that can provide ideal customers, better suppliers and broader business opportunities.

  • Transform Your Business and Life: By both GROWING the business and FREEING up your time for what matters most to you

With the Sophiall Master Round Table, you’re not just joining a group; you’re empowering yourself with a proven expert led peer support system for business excellence - that guarantees results.

Ready to transform your business? Join us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What exactly is the Master Round Table, and how does it differ from other business networking groups?

Answer: The Master Round Table is a targeted, peer-based, expert-led forum where business owners collaborate to solve their most pressing challenges. Unlike typical networking groups, our sessions are structured around actionable strategies and real results, offering both immediate returns and long-term business growth.

2) How often are Master Round Table sessions held, and what is the commitment?

Answer: We hold up to four sessions per month, and while we encourage attendance to all sessions to maximise benefits, you're free to attend as your schedule allows. Each session is designed to provide standalone value, so you can immediately implement what you learn. Every month we will have a combination of online sessions and also live face to face sessions (at this time in Dubai only).

3) What if I cannot attend a session?

Answer: We understand that business owners have demanding schedules. For any online session you miss, we provide session recordings and summary notes to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable insights and strategies. For the live face to face sessions we will endeavour to also record and have those sessions available.

4) How much time do I need to invest in the program?

Answer: Participating in the Master Round Table requires a minimal time investment of no more than an hour a week. While implementing some of the insights may initially require a bit more of your time, the goal of our program is to streamline your operations and increase efficiency from the start.

Most of our members find that they begin saving more hours than they invest within the first 30 days, experiencing a significant net gain in time that can be redirected towards strategic growth or personal leisure. This efficient approach ensures that your commitment not only contributes to your business’s success but also enhances your overall quality of life.

5) Can I see measurable results from attending the Master Round Table? How soon?

Answer: Absolutely! We guarantee that you will identify opportunities to save or earn at least 10x your monthly fee within your first 30 days, or we'll refund your money. Members typically see tangible results immediately following their first session.

6) What are the key benefits of joining the Master Round Table?

Answer: Key advantages of participating in our Master Round Table include gaining practical insights and industry best practices tailored to your unique business needs. You'll receive personalised feedback to help refine your strategies and overcome specific challenges.

Our sessions are all about giving you practical solutions that you can use right away to boost your business growth. Plus, you'll make great connections with other entrepreneurs who are also dedicated to helping you succeed.

Additionally, our program is designed to give you more free time right away. This lets you focus on the important parts of your business or spend more time with your family, making sure you don't sacrifice personal happiness for professional success.

Come join us and not only improve your business, but also enjoy a better quality of life.

7) How do I prepare for each Master Round Table session to maximise benefits?

Answer: Our program is geared towards busy entrepreneurs so we don't believe in burying you in homework or prework. For some sessions or to participate in a Hot Seat, you'll be asked to answer some pre-questions or review some materials. We recommend coming to each session with a clear goal of what you want to achieve and any specific challenges you’d like addressed.

8) Is there a cancellation policy or a minimum membership period?

Answer: You retain Full Flexibility. You can cancel your membership at any time. Since we provide flexible terms that fit the dynamic needs of busy entrepreneurs, we require no minimum membership period. We only ask that you give us 30 days notice although that is not required.

9) Are there any prerequisites for joining the Master Round Table?

Answer: The Master Round Table is dedicated to cultivating an exclusive community of proactive business owners from all industries.

We seek members who are givers—not takers—committed to mutual support and collaborative growth. Ideal members are those ready to invest in themselves, open to learning, and eager to contribute their expertise.

Our community values deep engagement and the collective wisdom that drives every member's success. We do not cater to those seeking quick fixes, discounts, or opportunities to exploit free resources.

We strive to foster a supportive and productive environment where every member thrives, free from the distraction of discount hunters and those looking only to take.

10) What makes the Master Round Table a unique solution for business growth?

Answer: At the Master Round Table, we distinguish ourselves by actively engaging with the unique challenges of each business owner. We don’t claim to know your business better than you do.

Instead of imposing generic, costly solutions or promoting unnecessary sales, our approach is centered around empowering you. We facilitate sessions where you can explore targeted, effective strategies that are directly applicable to your specific situation.

Through dynamic discussions, relevant questioning, and sharing of real-world examples, we guide you to uncover personalized insights and actionable solutions that fit not just your business goals, but also your vision, culture, and resources. Our community thrives on this foundation of respect and collaboration, ensuring that the growth you achieve is both meaningful and sustainable.

Join us to transform your business with solutions that truly resonate with your unique needs and drive real results.

11) Who are the experts invited to lead certain sessions, and how are they selected?

Answer: George Sotiropoulos, the founder of Sophiall leads all sessions. However, he also invites different subject matter experts to lead a session and dig down into an area of their expertise that would benefit the members of our community.

Our experts are seasoned entrepreneurs and specialists in their fields, chosen for their proven track records and strategic acumen. Each expert undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure they bring relevant, actionable knowledge to our members.

A Quick Case Study in Progress..


Mike owns a cybersecurity business but has hit a sales plateau. Even worse he was spending more and more time with “prospects” who were responding to his advertising but just hunting for free information and demanding discounts on everything.

Issue:How can I grow my business and attract the right types of customers?”

How else he's tried to solve this issue:

• Widespread advertising in different markets but with a general focus.

• Networking and attending industry conferences, but without seeing tangible results.

• Trying to market his company but unable to differentiate his offerings in a competitive market.

I was wasting both my time and money and not getting any closer to my goal of reigniting growth in my business.”

Turning Point at the Sophiall Workshop:

During a strategic workshop at our Master Round Table, Mike discovered the core issue: his marketing approach treated his specialised services as generic, which didn't resonate with potential premium clients.

Strategic Insights Gained

Differentiation Strategy: The workshop helped Mike identify the unique selling points of his services. He realised the importance of highlighting why his best customers chose him over competitors.

Targeted Marketing: Mike decided to shift his marketing strategy to focus specifically on two key customer segments that represented his ideal clientele. This pivot allowed him to use existing testimonials and marketing content more effectively, targeting those who valued and were willing to pay for premium cybersecurity services.

Implementation and Outcomes:

Easy no Cost Implementation: Mike can implement his new marketing strategy right away, with no need for additional capital investment.

Time Savings: By attracting the right kind of customers, Mike significantly reduced time wasted on unproductive leads.

Cost Efficiency: The new approach cut down on wasteful spending on broad, ineffective advertising.

Increased Profit Margins: Focusing on premium segments leads to higher margins as Mike focuses only on attracting the right customers willing to pay more for specialised services.

Mike's Reflection:

"George helped me figure out how to stand out and attract the clients I want while getting rid of the time wasters and freebie seekers who were draining my time and energy. He helped me stop being seen as just another commodity and positioned me for growth."

Ready to experience similar breakthroughs for your business?

Join our next Master Round Table session and start transforming your business strategy.

Sign up now and begin the journey to a more profitable and fulfilling business life.

Image of George Sotiropoulos

A Personal Note from George Sotiropoulos

Are you tired of spending time and money on courses, consultants, and workshops that only offer pretty binders without any real, actionable value for your business?

So was I...and it put me in debt and took food from my childrens' mouth

That all changed when I joined Brian Kurtz's Global Online Titans Xcelerator Mastermind. The transformation was profound, not just in business growth but in opening doors I never knew existed—including publishing my book. Witnessing firsthand the powerful outcomes of just a 15-minute hot seat session, I saw results that genuinely blew me away.

Inspired, I set out to create a platform to share these life-changing experiences.

My Master Round Table isn't just another program; it's a mission-driven community. We offer practical insights and tools that transform your business into a valuable asset, freeing your time and helping you gain a business that can significantly enhance your wealth.

Here, you'll meet incredible people dedicated to mutual growth—real partners in success, not competitors or mere contacts.

Unlike many in the consultancy or coaching arenas, we remember why you're here: not to fund lavish lifestyles or endure high-pressure sales, but to genuinely grow and succeed.

I've felt the frustration of being seen as just another revenue opportunity by those supposed to help.

It’s time to change the narrative.

Join us to break free from ineffective cycles and start a journey that genuinely rewards your courage and investment in your business.

I look forward to personally welcoming you and getting to know your business story.

Welcome to a community where your growth is our genuine commitment.

Warm regards,


What Others Say About George's Master Round Tables, Workshops and Socratic Scaling

Don't just take our word for it—see what our participants have to say about the transformative power of our masterminds and workshops.

"I did a session where I presented my biggest problem to the group and they focused on helping me solve it by giving me more clarity and new ideas on how to network, develop the business and improve my pricing strategy.

Participating in George's meeting was money well spent, and the improvements were immediate."

Luca Lombardi - Premium Brand Photographer and Owner Luca Lombardi Photo Sudio

"Joining the 'Challenge to Success Spotlight session was transformative. With collective wisdom, I turned challenges into advantages and built invaluable connections. It's more than networking; it's a supportive community invested in success. Ready to accelerate your growth? This master Round Table is the place to be.

Evegniya Khudiakova - Founder and Exclusive High End Dubai Property Advisor

"As a business owner, you don't often get the chance to discuss your operational challenges in any deep way.

However, George's sessions allowed me to share my challenges, brainstorm ideas and implement simple solutions, to make my business more profitable and pleasant to run.

The level of knowledge and experience in the room was exactly what I needed. I recommend any business owner looking to improve his/her day to day to join.

Nehmat Seif - Founder and CEO FlyRobin Agency

"George led me through some best practices that opened my eyes and helped me rethink aspects of how I was running my business. George "overdelivered" and helped us shift from generic marketing services that commoditised us to a more premium and specialised strategic marketing consulting approach, increasing our profitability and scalability by a factor of six.

James Pardoe - Founder, GROW Inc.

"George led me through a "scalability" exercise he does with his group where he helped me identify my services that gave me the best foundation to grow my business. And it worked immediately!

By making my business more scalable, George helped me position my business to expand successfully into Saudi Arabia. I used the new insights to avoid pitfalls and exploit opportunities that fit my situation and resources.

Shelley Frost - Founder, The Fridge, 2022 Industry Icon Award Winner

"I came to Dubai in 2024 and attended several of George's events. They were game changing to me. During his event in March it took only 3 minutes for George to help me identify where and how I should better differentiate myself to attract the clients I want and chase away the time wasters and freebie finders who were taking all my time and sapping all my energy. He helped me to stop commoditising myself and position me to return to healthy growth and a much better lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

Mike Duffy - Founder of "Don't get Hacked" and Co-Founder MUPO Entertainment

"George and his Socratic Scaling System helped me recover from Covid's carnage and focus on the true value drivers of my business. I was able to increase monthly revenue 15x above my historical average and achieve my highest profitability yet.

Luke Bingham - Owner Chill Salon

"When we first met up with George we had lost 70% of our clients since COVID, and I was buried in 80 hour workweeks trying to recover and make up for the lost business.

Over the next 6 months, George led us through his system and group exercises. He helped me cut my workload over 50% while helping us recover and enjoy our best results yet.

In just 18 months, we have grown our profits and the value of our business by 10x and received a 7 figure offer, which we declined as we are growing to even higher levels

David Lyndon - CoFounder The Fruit Box Middle East

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