Attention Service Business Owners

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential: Master Your Time and Elevate Your Network

8 MAY 2024 5 - 9 PM Live - Dubai Palm

Transform your business and life at our exclusive Dual Master Round Table Workshop, Dinner, and Cigar Evening.

Enhance Your Delegation and Networking Skills to Grow Your Business and Free Your Time

Why Attend?

  • Directly Apply Game-Changing Strategies: Learn from real-world examples how to effectively delegate and turn hours of work into systems that can run without you.

  • Leave Selling at the Door: Focus entirely on mutual growth and support, with no pressure to sell or pitch.

  • No more hours for dollars: Bid farewell to growth that demands ever more of your hours.

  • Free yourself: Stop living in a daily grind where every decision rests on your shoulders and you can never step away.

  • Avoid the tedious "business card shuffle" at networking events that lack value and connection.

  • Ultimately, learn how to GROW your Business and FREE your Time

Detailed Breakdown of Events

The First Class Delegation Workshop (5 - 7 PM)

Unlock the Secret to Empowering Your Team and Achieving More by Doing Less.

  • Unlock the Secret: Empower your team and achieve more by doing less.

  • Focus Your Time: To discover the art of delegation in building the wealth in your business.

  • Delegate with Peace of Mind: Confidently delegate without looking back and regret.

  • Hands on Learning: To equip you with strategies to empower your team, boost productivity, and most importantly, capture the lifestyle you want.

  • Proven and Simple Interactive Exercises: Led by Andzelika Bendoraityte to empower you to overcome delegation challenges and implement immediate, impactful solutions

  • Participate in "Challenge to Success" Spotlights: Experience the magic where we dissect and solve real business owners' delegation dilemmas, offering insights that can be immediately applied.

Walk away confident that your team can step up, and free you to concentrate on more important aspects of your business.

The Bonus Networking Enhancement Workshop Streamed Live from the UK (7-8 PM)

Learn how to make and create real connections to transform your business and life,.

BONUS: Enhancing your Networking with Tracey Currell: Master Networker and Founder of Introbiz UK.

  • Fortune in the Follow up. Enhance your networking skills, so you're not collecting business cards, but creating profitable business collaborations.

  • No Need to Sell: Move beyond the sales pitches to creating connections that last

The Curated Cuban Cigar Experience (8-9 PM).

Learn how to truly create and enjoy an exquisite Cigar Experience

Insights from a Cigar Connoisseur: Jan Ziak, a renowned Cigar Sommelier.

  • Guided Cigar Enjoyment. Learn the true art and intricacies of enjoying a fine cigar.

  • Select Cigars like an Old Pro: Discover what to look for and how to pair it with the ideal whiskey or spirit to enhance the experience.

Your Path to Transformation Begins Here

Embrace a future where your business thrives independently, supported by a network of genuine, powerful connections.

Secure your seat now to transform the way you lead and live.

What is the Invesment?

  • All Investment Options Include a 3-course Dinner from 6:30-7:30 pm and free Valet Parking at the Voco Hotel

  • Cigar and Whiskey packages come with two glasses of select whiskey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the workshops you will be holding for event?

Answer: There are two workshops scheduled. One live and one an online bonus. The live workshop is on delegation and how effectively execute it so you can step back, free your time and really focus on growing your business and other high priorities. This session is being Co-Hosted by George Sotiropoulos, Founder of Sophiall and Andzelika Bendoraityte, Founder of Grow Business Consulting.

The Second bonus session is being streamed live from the UK with Tracey Currall, founder of Introbiz, an international Networking organisation based in the UK. Her focus is on helping you transform your networking into real relationship driven growth.

2) What are the timings of the event?

Answer: The event is scheduled from 5-9 PM. The doors open at 4 pm. Right now we have scheduled the Delegation workshop to run from 5- 7 with dinner starting at 6:30 and Tracey doing the bonus networking session at 7. The Cigar experience with Jan will commence at 8 PM.

3) What if I cannot attend the session?

Answer: You can cancel within 24 hours and receive a refund except if you purchased in advance a curated cigar when you submitted your order. Cigars are not refundable.

4) Where is the event being held? What is the Parking Situation?

Answer: It's being held at the Deck Restaurant on the 1st floor of Vocco Hotel in Dubai Palm. You can valet park at the Vocco Hotel free with our compliments.

5) Can I see measurable results from attending the Workshops? How soon?

Answer: Absolutely and often immediately. In our last Proft and Dine event we had people who transformed how they go to market because of the insights they gained which helped them stop commoditising themselves and to charge the full value of what they were providing for their services.

6) What are the key benefits of participating in the Profit and Dine event?

Answer: Key advantages of participating in our workshops include gaining practical insights and industry best practices around delegation and networking tailored to your unique business needs. You'll receive personalised feedback to help refine your strategies and overcome specific challenges.

Our workshop sessions are all about giving you practical solutions that you can use right away to boost your business growth. Plus, you'll make great connections with other entrepreneurs who are also dedicated to helping you succeed.

Additionally, our program is designed to give you more free time right away. This lets you focus on the important parts of your business or spend more time with your family, making sure you don't sacrifice personal happiness for professional success.

Come join us and not only improve your business, but also enjoy a better quality of life.

7) How do I prepare for each Master Round Table session to maximise benefits?

Answer: Our program is geared towards busy entrepreneurs so we don't believe in burying you in homework or prework. For some sessions or to participate in a Challenge to Success Spotlight, you'll be asked to answer some pre-questions or review some materials. We recommend coming with a clear goal of what you want to achieve and any specific challenges you’d like addressed.

8) Is there a cancellation policy or a minimum membership period?

Answer: You have upto 24 hours in advance to cancel and get a refund excluding any cigars that were pruchased on the basis of your original order.

9) Are there any prerequisites for joining the event?

Answer: Our sessions are dedicated to cultivating an exclusive community of proactive business owners from all industries.

We seek members who are givers—not takers—committed to mutual support and collaborative growth. Ideal members are those ready to invest in themselves, open to learning, and eager to contribute their expertise.

Our community values deep engagement and the collective wisdom that drives every member's success. We do not cater to those seeking quick fixes, discounts, or opportunities to exploit free resources.

We strive to foster a supportive and productive environment where every member thrives, free from the distraction of discount hunters and those looking only to take.

10) What makes the event a unique solution for business growth?

Answer: We distinguish ourselves by actively engaging with the unique challenges of each business owner. We don’t claim to know your business better than you do.

Instead of imposing generic, costly solutions or promoting unnecessary sales, our approach is centered around empowering you. We facilitate sessions where you can explore targeted, effective strategies that are directly applicable to your specific situation.

Through dynamic discussions, relevant questioning, and sharing of real-world examples, we guide you to uncover personalised insights and actionable solutions that fit not just your business goals, but also your vision, culture, and resources. Our community thrives on this foundation of respect and collaboration, ensuring that the growth you achieve is both meaningful and sustainable.

Join us to transform your business with solutions that truly resonate with your unique needs and drive real results.

11) Who are the experts invited to lead certain sessions, and how are they selected?

Answer: George Sotiropoulos, the founder of Sophiall leads all sessions. George works with small business owners who are frustrated that they do not have the life they expected when owning a business. That's when they find him and he shows them exactly what path to take when investing their time and money in their business, so they can live the life they want.

Andzelika Bendoraityte is the owner of an Operations Consulting Business where she helps overwhelmed business owners systemise their business and delegate so they can grow and free their time.

Tracy Currell is the owner of Introbiz UK. She has run a networking business for 15+ years and has shared the stage or made relationships with Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and other well known entrepreneurs and public figures. Here mantra is the Riches are in the follow up and she shows how that is done.

Jan Ziak is a Cigar expert and Sommelier. He has worked at the finest cigar establishments in London and Dubai and brings his expertise to the event to show us how to enyoy one of the finest hobbies. :)

Our experts are seasoned entrepreneurs and specialists in their fields, chosen for their proven track records and strategic acumen. Each expert undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure they bring relevant, actionable knowledge to our members.

What Else Goes on in Profit and Dine Masterminds?

"No Nonsense - Double Your Value" Solutions

Breakout Session Profit and Dine Mastermind where partcipants working on an exercise

"We became like chickens with our heads off stuck in the business. This helped me look at the big picture again"

Bogdan Radu - Co-Founder Immigration Company

We’re too busy to BS each other. We see enough of that daily.

So these sessions are all about finding practical solutions to boost your profits and double the value of your business.

Now I know.. you’ve heard these big promises before…

So did one of the participants in our last session who when we came to his turn.. told me he had only 15 minutes before he had to leave.

Within 5 minutes of participating in one of our targeted exercises his worldview changed.

He discovered the premium service he had largely overlooked, and which gave him 20x the revenue of his "normal" services, he could actually scale and roll out much faster than he thought.

Needless to say.. he cancelled his external appointment and stayed the two full hours.

And walked away with a roadmap to scale on the back of his unique higher ticket solution.

Now I can't guarantee you'll find your 20x growth accelerator in just 5 minutes, but I can assure you that you'll gain clarity and see through the BS out there to better find solutions that will boost your profits and increase your value.

Expect more than just talk: our sessions are built around practical tools and hands-on exercises designed to cut through the nonsense and noise. It’s about finding and taking advantage of those hidden opportunities to grow your business effectively.

We discuss best practices and how they apply to each person's business, then give them an exercise to use for their own business. Followed by a group discussion where each participant gets advice and feedback on his business and the findings of the exercise.

By the time they go home they have the roadmap to begin immediate implementation.

Finally, we create a successful environment for these sessions by limiting the number of participants and planning in advance to ensure a more personal experience for all participants.

Claim your spot now and embark on a path to tangible, significant growth.

  • Discover Your 20x Revenue Stream: Uncover overlooked premium services that can massively scale your business, just like our past participants. I can't promise 20x but can promise clarity to X times your cashflow.

  • Hands-On Growth Accelerators: Engage in targeted exercises for real-time, actionable strategies that promise more than just theoretical growth.

  • Gain Fresh Business Insights: Every session is a chance to acquire new knowledge and perspectives. Apply these insights to overcome your current business challenges and / or seize new opportunities.

  • Cut Through the Noise: Gain clarity and insight to navigate past common pitfalls and ineffective strategies, directly boosting your bottom line.

  • Exclusive, Impactful Engagement: Benefit from small, focused sessions ensuring personalized advice and feedback tailored to your unique business challenges.

  • Personalized Problem-Solving: It's not just grand strategies. You'll finally acquire practical, actionable solutions for intractable problems that previously eluded you by experiencing firsthand how others tackle specific business challenges.

  • Immediate Implementation Friendly: Walk away with a concrete, actionable plan to start growing your business the very next day.

  • Limited Availability: Secure your spot in our transformative sessions and start your journey to doubling your business value today

  • and more..

What are Challenge to Success Spotlights?

In our Master Round Table community, the Challenge to Success Spotlight sessions are invaluable.

Each session, one member is given the opportunity to present a significant business challenge or obstacle they are facing and get the focused insights and feedback he needs to overcome the problem and often transform the business - and his life..

Anyone can go to school. But only Spotlights give you the benefit of decades of practical experience from other business owners in the room to help you overcome obstacles with practical insights and solutions.

Because often they may have faced and solved such a problem before in their business.

And their insights will save you years of time and money.

This is what makes our Challenges to Success Spotlights stand apart:

  • Focused on you. You get 15 minutes of focused time on you and your business, with my feedback and expert advice from other Round Table members.

  • Real-World Problem Solving: This experience transcends traditional learning. Imagine being surrounded by seasoned business owners, all focused on untangling your most complex problems with their real-world wisdom and experience.

  • Accelerate Your Learning Curve: The insights you gain here can fast-track your business growth. Save yourself years of trial and error. Avoid common mistakes, traps and dead ends, and jump straight to effective solutions that have worked in similar situations before.

  • Leverage the Community to Drive Your Success: Our Spotlights are a key aspect of our community. Every other member is invested in your success, providing a safety net of support and guidance. It’s like a diverse and dedicated board of advisors at your disposal, all dedicated to seeing you thrive.

  • Transform your Business and Personal Development: The advice and strategies you receive during your Spotlight session can be game-changing for both your business and personal growth. Imagine walking away with actionable steps that not only solve your current issue but also prepare you for future challenges.

  • Unbiased Feedback: The feedback in Spotlights is unfiltered and focused solely on your growth. It’s not about sales pitches or personal accolades; it’s about honest, constructive criticism that pushes you to excel.

  • A Growth Culture Built on Empathy and Support: At the core of our Spotlights is a culture of accountability and empathy. You're not just getting advice; you're learning how to grow your business and connecting with other members in a supportive environment.

  • and more..

What Others Have Said About Us

"I did a 2h session, as a hot seat, and the inputs from the different professionals gave me more clarity and new ideas on how to network, develop the business and improve my pricing strategy.

Plus George came up with a grid to help me self evaluate my skills in terms of communication with potential customers, marketing, clients retention, the use of social media and in person networks.

It was money well spent and the improvements were immediate"

Luca Lombardi - Premium Brand Photographer and Owner Luca Lombardi Photo Sudio

"Joining the 'Hot Seat' session was transformative. With collective wisdom, I turned challenges into advantages and built invaluable connections.

It's more than networking; it's a supportive community invested in success.

Ready to accelerate your growth?

This mastermind is the place to be.

Evegniya Khudiakova - Founder and Exclusive High End Dubai Property Advisor

I have taken part of several hot seat sessions with George and what I can say is that it is worth every penny.

As a business owner, you don't often get the chance to discuss the operational challenges you are facing in your company. Participating in the hot seat sessions allowed me to share these challenges with George and other business owners.

It helped me brainstorm and implement simple solutions that made my day-to-day business more profitable and pleasant to run. The level of knowledge and experience in the room was exactly what I needed.

I recommend any business owner looking to improve his/her day to day to join these hot seat sessions.

Nehmat Seif - Digital Marketing Founder FlyRobin Agency

"We met George 5 times over 6 months for Socratic Scaling and to participate in the exercises he does in these workshops. It was eye-opening and the results speak for themselves.

After 18 months we have grown our profits and the value of our business by 10x and received a 7 figure offer over Christmas which we declined as we are reaching even higher levels.

David Lyndon - CoFounder The Fruit Box Middle East

I was very privileged to be part of the monthly gusset speaker webinar hosted by Robin Hayhurst and The Board of Peers – Wednesday 14th June 2023.

Tracey Smolinski from Introbiz was the guest speaker for this event. She came on with such amazing energy. I felt that she was speaking directly to me.

Tracey made me revisit my goals and dreams.

I would love to one day come over to the UK and meet Tracey in person and join one of her networking events. She is definitely changing the world one event at a time.

If I can only have a mustard seed size of her ability to network and connect with people then I would be sooo blessed.

Thank you Tracey for being such an inspiration and changing lives where you go.

Bronwyn Bonthuys – The Virtual B2

A huge thank you to Introbiz and Tracey for the referral.

Tracey first messaged me via LinkedIn on 30 November, I attended the online power group meeting that week, and had a referral from Tracey only a week later, which resulted in a new property investor client, and almost £3k worth of business for staging a recently refurbished property.

I arranged to stage the property only a few days later, so the property could be marketed before Christmas. The client was happy with the result, and has received amazing feedback from 4 different estate agents, and I hope we will work together on other projects.

In such a short space of time Introbiz has already proved to be a valuable community, for my business..But more than just referrals, it’s been the welcoming and friendly introduction I had from Tracey and the power group members that made this networking group stand out above the rest.

I couldn’t recommend Introbiz highly enough.

Thank you so much.

Jo Hazelwood – Hazelwood Home Staging

When the Coronavirus lockdown hit, Introbiz were very quick to move their Networking Meetings online and to make them Free for Members. As early as that 27th March they started their key speaker meetings first by Sharon Lechter, followed by Peter Wilcox.

These Key speaker meetings have been amazing. Members have an incredible opportunity for interaction with the speakers. I have personally talked with Peter Wilcox, Jairek Robbins, Anil Gupta, Bob Burg, Brian Tracy and others I can’t remember at the moment.

Other groups do the key Speakers as webinars with only written comment interaction. Introbiz allows us to talk to the Speakers. The weekly power group meetings are also excellent and having 5 minutes to talk about your business has allowed us to share information of real value to members.

I would recommend anybody to join Introbiz and to participate in the online sessions.

David L Davies Business Growth Expert

I joined Introbiz in February 2020 and launched a new on-line business the week before lockdown. (…) It was definitely greatly helped by the connections and new contacts I made in the Introbiz online meetings.

They were quick off the mark to put together the best online networking meetings I have ever attended. The calibre of guest speakers is incredible and the atmosphere in which they are introduced feels like a privileged private audience with them.

Many small business owners like myself would be fortunate to have the opportunity to ask questions to any one of these speakers let alone one a week.

I have been networking for many years and Introbiz is now definitely in a league of its own. The enthusiasm and energy Tracy puts into each meeting is infectious and she goes that extra mile to ensure that connections and introductions are made between members with common interests.

I leave every meeting motivated and with more more knowledge each time. If you are serious about growing your business both in the UK and globally I highly recommend joining Introbiz.

Sue Worrall – Founder Health Hub Academy

Our Host and Presenters

Image of George Sotiropoulos

A Personal Note from George Sotiropoulos - Founder Sophiall

Tired of spending time and money on courses, consultants, and workshops that provide pretty binders but nothing of true value you can apply to your business?

So was I...and it put me in debt and took food from my childrens' mouth

Until I came across Brian Kurtz and his Global Online Titans Xcelerator Mastermind. It changed my business, my life and opened doors for me that I didn't even know existed (including publishing my book).

In Brian's group, I saw the amazing results business owners had when they did just a 15 minute "hot seat"and came back weeks later with results that blew them away.

I knew I wanted to introduce these experiences to others and my subscribers. Brian has blessed me to adapt these best practices from Titans Xcelerator, so I took my time and built a Master Round Table that is geared to one mission.

Working with Business Owners to give them the clarity and confidence to finally get on the exact path to building a business that gives them the lifestyle they want.

Here you can meet some fantastic people who will help you grow your business - and you theirs.

You see, most consultants, coaches and education providers forget why you are there in the first place.

It's not to be their personal ATM machine.

Unfortunately, many overlook the fact that you took a risk and put yourself out there (monetarily and emotionally)...

and they just see an opportunity to make money off you.

Well I have been on the receiving end of that too many times.

And so it's time to break the chain...

And reward you for putting yourself out there by helping you find the right tools, the right partners and the right environment to build the business that makes it possible to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you always wanted.

Because you are not entitled to success but you do DESERVE it.

So welcome and start on a journey to unlock the exciting opportunities that await you and your business.

I look forward to welcoming you on board and getting to know you, your business and your journey better.



Image of George Sotiropoulos

A Personal Note from Andzelika Bendoraityte - Founder Grow Business Consulting

Having closely worked with numerous CEOs, I've witnessed firsthand how their daily routines are often consumed by tasks that don't directly contribute to revenue generation, thus detracting from their ability to grow the business.

Acknowledging this challenge, I am here to introduce powerful delegation strategies that will empower you to delegate effectively within your team , granting you the much-needed time to focus on growing your business and making it more independent from you.

Andzelika Bendoraityte, an accomplished Business Operations Consultant, is recognized for her strategic work with CEOs and business owners to drive growth and innovation.

With over 16 years of deep operational expertise, Andzelika has helped various businesses to significantly improve their operations and maximize their profits.

Specializing in transformative leadership and profit maximization, she has made a pivotal impact across various sectors.

Her expertise is underpinned by a strong academic foundation, with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours), complemented by degree in Business Strategy from Cornell University and Business Analytics from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).

Tracey Currell

Founder - Introbiz

Tracey Currell is a serial entrepreneur, property investor, and founder of award-winning global business network Introbiz, author of Master Networking and creator of networking tool Fortune in the Follow Up.

For over a decade, Tracey and her brand Introbiz have secured over 3000 members and clients from a wide range of industries and sectors. Tracey has also created Wales’ largest business expo and has shared the stage with Lord Alan Sugar, Grant Cardone, Hilary Devey CBE, Baroness Michelle Mone, Marie Diamond from The Secret, The Apprentice winner Mark Wright, and Sharon Lechter.

Tracey is now working alongside Premier Live and Sir Richard Branson as the preferred UK partner to take entrepreneurs for the Necker Cup experience annually on Necker Island, and has attended a Virgin VIP cruise ship experience with Sir Richard.

Tracey is passionate about helping people network effectively, and she educates entrepreneurs and business owners to become successful networkers and create a winning referral economy for their exponential growth.

Her goal is to impact and connect 1 million within 5 years which in turn has a massive positive impact on the economy.

Jan Ziak

Cigar Expert and Sommelier

Jan is a senior cigar sommelier with expert knowledge of cigar varieties, regions, aging, pairing, and the art of selection, cutting and lighting.

Jan excels at orchestrating events and experiences that cater to both seasoned aficionados and curious newcomers.

He is great at sharing his knowledge and creating captivating, educational moments that elevate the cigar experience to an art form in itself.

Jan has years of experience at Boisdale, London's renowned cigar bar famed for its exquisite Cuban cigars as well as The Arts Club Dubai.


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Part 2: The Networking with Soul Workshop and Cuban Cigar Experience (7-9 pm)

Learn how to make real connections in business and enjoy an exclusive Cigar Experience

After dinner, indulge in Cuban cigars, select whiskeys, and the invaluable wisdom of Tracey Currell, founder and author from Introbiz UK.

Prepare to transform the way you network, forging powerful business connections founded on genuine relationships, not mere transactions.

Tracey will unveil her secrets to creating a robust business network where authentic relationships pave the way for sustainable growth. Say goodbye to surface-level interactions and discover a networking style that enriches both your business and personal life.

Evening Highlights

  • "Networking with Soul: Build Your Business Empire Authentically" by Tracey Currell. Dive deep into strategies that champion relationship-driven business growth, moving beyond the conventional sales pitch to create connections that last.

  • Insights from a Cigar Connoisseur: Jan Ziak, a renowned Cigar Sommelier, will guide you through the intricacies of cigar enjoyment, paralleling the art of selecting the perfect cigar with the finesse required for meaningful networking. Learn what to look for in a cigar and how to pair it with the ideal whiskey to enhance the experience.