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Dubai Business Owners - Join our Profit and Dine Mastermind

Wednesday 24 April 6 - 9 PM GST

Stop wasting time and money trying to figure it all out by yourself

  • If "two minds are better than one"...imagine a dozen behind you and having your back.

  • It's not just a networking dinner... think profit acceleration and driving up the value of your business with a four course meal. It's about value-added sharing and collaborating with others who "get it".

  • Grow faster then ever before as you accelerate the learning and scaling curve for your business.

  • Bulid relationships with fellow business owners that can gain you more customers, better suppliers and more options.

  • Grow your business and enjoy it at the same time. Bring back the magic you felt when you first started the business!

  • Enjoy an environment where we focus on helping each other succeed - and leave selling at the door.

  • Ultimately, learn how to GROW your business and FREE your time

What You Will Experience with our Profit and Dine Masterminds

Best Practices

Our best practices focus on topic that can help your business, including sometimes bringing in guest experts now and then to talk about a particular area.

We focus not only on what the best practice is and how it works, but also on practical tools you can take home and use in your business the next day.

And a best practice isn't designed to make you pull out your wallet - that is what we call a "sales pitch"

These focus areas include but are not limited to

  • Customer loyalty and referrals so you can increase profits and cash flows through more loyal and frequent purchasing customers,

  • Customer acquisition strategies that fit your business and gives you a real ROI on your investment. No more wasting time and money on shiny objects

  • Revenue growth by identifying your best products and services you can leverage the best,

  • Increase recurring and predictable sales so you know better in advance what comes in, when to spend and not worry about finding customers every day

  • Effective delegation, so you can step back from the daily chores and be able to focus on growing your business,

  • Employee training and development so you can build a team of leaders and experts to wow your customers and free you to spend your time as you wish and take the business where you want.

  • Driving up the value of the business so you have an asset that gives you multiple options today and the potential to safeguard your financial future when you retire.

  • and more..

"No Nonsense - Double Your Value" Solutions

Breakout Session Profit and Dine Mastermind where partcipants working on an exercise

"We became like chickens with our heads off stuck in the business. This helped me look at the big picture again"

Bogdan Radu - Co-Founder Immigration Company

We’re too busy to BS each other. We see enough of that daily.

So these sessions are all about finding practical solutions to boost your profits and double the value of your business.

Now I know.. you’ve heard these big promises before…

So did one of the participants in our last session who when we came to his turn.. told me he had only 15 minutes before he had to leave.

Within 5 minutes of participating in one of our targeted exercises his worldview changed.

He discovered the premium service he had largely overlooked, and which gave him 20x the revenue of his "normal" services, he could actually scale and roll out much faster than he thought.

Needless to say.. he cancelled his external appointment and stayed the two full hours.

And walked away with a roadmap to scale on the back of his unique higher ticket solution.

Now I can't guarantee you'll find your 20x growth accelerator in just 5 minutes, but I can assure you that you'll gain clarity and see through the BS out there to better find solutions that will boost your profits and increase your value.

Expect more than just talk: our sessions are built around practical tools and hands-on exercises designed to cut through the nonsense and noise. It’s about finding and taking advantage of those hidden opportunities to grow your business effectively.

We discuss best practices and how they apply to each person's business, then give them an exercise to use for their own business. Followed by a group discussion where each participant gets advice and feedback on his business and the findings of the exercise.

By the time they go home they have the roadmap to begin immediate implementation.

Finally, we create a successful environment for these sessions by limiting the number of participants and planning in advance to ensure a more personal experience for all participants.

Claim your spot now and embark on a path to tangible, significant growth.

  • Discover Your 20x Revenue Stream: Uncover overlooked premium services that can massively scale your business, just like our past participants. I can't promise 20x but can promise clarity to X times your cashflow.

  • Hands-On Growth Accelerators: Engage in targeted exercises for real-time, actionable strategies that promise more than just theoretical growth.

  • Gain Fresh Business Insights: Every session is a chance to acquire new knowledge and perspectives. Apply these insights to overcome your current business challenges and / or seize new opportunities.

  • Cut Through the Noise: Gain clarity and insight to navigate past common pitfalls and ineffective strategies, directly boosting your bottom line.

  • Exclusive, Impactful Engagement: Benefit from small, focused sessions ensuring personalized advice and feedback tailored to your unique business challenges.

  • Personalized Problem-Solving: It's not just grand strategies. You'll finally acquire practical, actionable solutions for intractable problems that previously eluded you by experiencing firsthand how others tackle specific business challenges.

  • Immediate Implementation Friendly: Walk away with a concrete, actionable plan to start growing your business the very next day.

  • Limited Availability: Secure your spot in our transformative sessions and start your journey to doubling your business value today

  • and more..

Hot Seats

In our Mastermind community, the Hot Seats sessions are invaluable.

Each session, one member is given the opportunity to present a significant business challenge or obstacle they are facing and get the focused insights and feedback he needs to overcome the problem and often transform the business - and his life..

Anyone can go to school. But only Hot Seats give you the benefit of decades of practical experience from other business owners in the room to help you overcome obstacles with practical insights and solutions.

Because often they may have faced and solved such a problem before in their business.

And their insights will save you years of time and money.

Our Hot Seats in many ways are the "magic sauce" of our Masterminds. It's where our community stand behind you and are all focused on one thing - helping you succeed.

This is what makes our hot seats stand apart.

  • Focused on you. A Hot Seat is when you get 15 minutes of focused time on you and your business, with my feedback and expert advice from other Mastermind members.

  • Real-World Problem Solving: The Hot Seats experience transcends traditional learning. Imagine being surrounded by seasoned business owners, all focused on untangling your most complex problems with their real-world wisdom and experience.

  • Accelerate Your Learning Curve: The insights you gain here can fast-track your business growth. Save yourself years of trial and error. Avoid common mistakes, traps and dead ends, and jump straight to effective solutions that have worked in similar situations before.

  • Leverage the Community to Drive Your Success: Our Hot Seats are a key aspect of our community. Every other member is invested in your success, providing a safety net of support and guidance. It’s like a diverse and dedicated board of advisors at your disposal, all dedicated to seeing you thrive.

  • Transform your Business and Personal Development: The advice and strategies you receive during your Hot Seat session can be game-changing for both your business and personal growth. Imagine walking away with actionable steps that not only solve your current issue but also prepare you for future challenges.

  • Unbiased Feedback: The feedback in Hot Seats is unfiltered and focused solely on your growth. It’s not about sales pitches or personal accolades; it’s about honest, constructive criticism that pushes you to excel.

  • A Growth Culture Built on Empathy and Support: At the core of our Hot Seats is a culture of accountability and empathy. You're not just getting advice; you're learning how to grow your business and connecting with other members in a supportive environment.

  • and more..

"I did a 2h session, as a hot seat, and the inputs from the different professionals gave me more clarity and new ideas on how to network, develop the business and improve my pricing strategy.

Plus George came up with a grid to help me self evaluate my skills in terms of communication with potential customers, marketing, clients retention, the use of social media and in person networks.

Participating in George meeting was really money well spent and the improvements were immediate"

Luca Lombardi - Premium Brand Photographer and Owner Luca Lombardi Photo Sudio

"Joining the 'Hot Seat' session was transformative. With collective wisdom, I turned challenges into advantages and built invaluable connections. It's more than networking; it's a supportive community invested in success. Ready to accelerate your growth? This mastermind is the place to be.

Evegniya Khudiakova - Founder and Exclusive High End Dubai Property Advisor

Image of George Sotiropoulos

A Personal Note from George Sotiropoulos

Tired of spending time and money on courses, consultants, and workshops that provide pretty binders but nothing of true value you can apply to your business?

So was I...and it put me in debt and took food from my childrens' mouth

Until I came across Brian Kurtz and his Global Online Titans Xcelerator Mastermind. It changed my business, my life and opened doors for me that I didn't even know existed (including publishing my book).

In Brian's group, I saw the amazing results business owners had when they did just a 15 minute hot seat and came back weeks later with results that blew them away.

I knew I wanted to introduce these experiences to others and my subscribers. Brian has blessed me to adapt these best practices from Titans Xcelerator, so I took my time and built a mastermind that is geared to one mission.

Giving you practical insights and tools so you can make your business an Asset that frees your time and builds your wealth.

Where you can meet some fantastic people who will help you grow your business - and you theirs.

You see, most consultants, coaches and education providers forget why you are there in the first place.

It's not to be a personal ATM machine for their Lamborghini.

It's not to be seduced...

or to haggle...

or to be bored to tears...

You see, they overlook the fact that you took a risk and put yourself out there (monetarily and emotionally)...

and they just see an opportunity to make money off you.

Well I have been on the receiving end of that too many times.

And so it's time to break the chain...

And reward you for putting yourself out there by helping you find the right tools, the right partners and the right environment to build the business that makes it possible to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you always wanted.

So welcome and start on a journey to unlock the exciting opportunities that await you and your business.

I look forward to welcoming you on board and getting to know you, your business and your journey better.



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